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Faculty Services


This guide provides an overview of essential library services for faculty to support them, and their students, in their teaching, learning, and research.

Course Materials

Course Reserves
Faculty may place reading materials on reserve in the library using the form below. Please note that the library does not purchase textbooks, in keeping with its acquisitions guidelines. However, faculty may elect to place personal copies or reading copies of textbooks that they supply on reserve.
Library Materials Links
To facilitate student access to library-owned online resources embedded in course materials, faculty should generate and use proxied URLs. While the nomenclature may vary, look for buttons or links labeled "permalink," "permanent URL," etc., to produce these links. Review any link to ensure that it has the following prefix before embedding it: "". Please note that sometimes the prefix is (re)moved, but "ezproxy" should be somewhere in the link. An up-to-date list of library databases is provided below.
Curriculum Builder in D2L
Using Curriculum Builder (an external learning tool integrated in D2L), faculty can create reading lists of library materials for courses directly within the LMS. For more information, contact the Faculty Resource Center.

Classroom Instruction

Librarians are available to provide customized library instruction for classes with a research-based assignment. Instruction may be in person or virtual. Please send requests for instruction to with as much advance notice as possible. Please include any relevant assignment instructions with the request.

Research Assistance

The following resources and tools are available to assist students and faculty with their research.
Research Consultations
Librarians are available for one-on-one appointments to provide individualized research assistance and instruction in the use of library resources. Faculty are encouraged to refer students to the library for consultations.
Research Guides
The library has a growing number of research guides to help direct users to relevant, discipline-specific library resources. Librarians are available to collaborate with faculty in the development of course research guides. Contact the library at for more information.
A list of frequently asked questions is available for obtaining assistance for common issues and requests and is especially helpful for after-hours support.
The Library's YouTube Channel contains instructional videos on using library resources and services.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan
Interlibrary loan (ILL) provides current students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to obtain books, journal articles, and other resource materials which are not available through the library's collections. ILL allows the library to supplement its collections and enhance research opportunities. Before submitting an ILL request, carefully check existing resources on the library's website.
Interlibrary loan offices are closed evenings and weekends, as well as for College holidays. Requests are reviewed and processed only during regular business hours.
Processing and shipping times vary. Requests for articles are usually filled within 3-5 business days and articles are delivered via email. Requests for books are usually filled within 7-10 business days. Links are provided for eBooks and eligible print books are delivered to faculty.
In most instances, a link to request items via interlibrary loan will be present in the library database. In cases where no ILL request link or form is available, please use one of the forms available in the interlibrary loan portal.
Document Delivery
Document delivery services provide faculty access to physical materials owned by the Rooney Library. Articles and chapters may be scanned upon request and delivered to faculty via email. Physical books can be checked out to the requesting faculty member and delivered to their campus office. To facilitate document delivery requests use the appropriate form in the interlibrary loan portal.

Purchase Requests

Faculty may submit requests for items to be purchased for addition to the library's collections. Purchases must comply with the library's acquisitions guidelines provided below and must not incur recurring costs. Resources that involve recurring costs, such as databases, are handled differently and should be routed to the director of the library. Direct requests for any materials may be sent to the library at, or faculty may use the online purchase request form below.

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